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I agree, mostly. I doubt everyone who comes here because they didn’t like there actually tries to make here like there, consciously. It’s likely subconscious in nature, especially when they grew up there. The result, however, is the gradual move to make here like there, and that’s where we start to have a problem with them and there’s influence on us and here.


I remember watching the Denver area weather forecast on the evening news each night, and in the summer months they would track how many days of 90 degrees F or more were had over the season. They don’t do that anymore, it’s not news-worthy anymore.

I found some data to support my memory, at least a bit.

Mean number of days with 90 or more high temperature per year, by decade:

  • 1950s : 32
  • 1960s : 33
  • 1970s : 35
  • 1980s : 35
  • 1990s : 33*
  • 2000s : 46
  • 2010s : 52*

With 2019 still going, that 2010s number isn’t based on complete data, but you get the idea.


  • 1994 : first year with 60 days of 90+ temps
  • 2012 : epic year of hell on earth, with 73 days of 90+ and 13 days of 100+ temps

It’s getting hotter. I don’t like it. If anyone is hiring for remote work, and I can get good bandwidth in someplace cooler, I’ll be looking to move soon.

The Data

It’s A Mystery


The FBI show up with a Blackhawk helecopter and the people working at the observatory were immediately evacuated. Local law enforcement were asked to help but were told nothing about what was going on.

In all likelihood there’s a reasonable and boring explanation. However. A mountaintop observatory in New Mexico doesn’t seem like a strategic target that would need protection from a terrorist threat, or anything like that, nor would there be risk of hazardous or toxic materials to protect the public from. So to evacuate the people in a hush-hush tactical operation sure does make the imagination wander.

How fascinating would it be if ….

Ridiculous Real Estate


The world’s biggest man cave includes:

  • A spa
  • 7,300 sq. ft. indoor hockey arena
  • Indoor sports court with massive sound system
  • Pizza room with wood fire pizza oven
  • Ugly back yard

Or, how about this gem in the first photo here:


Looks like a disaster area, but sold for $1.23 Million.