Climate Crisis

They can talk about carbon footprints all day long and it won’t do any good. The world population has MORE THAN DOUBLED in the last 50 years. There’s your problem. The human virus is spreading faster than either nature or our own inclinations for self-destruction can keep up with.

No one wants to even think about solving that problem, but it’s there. Just ask an introvert.

The Circus Is Still In Town

Congress wants to extend the copyright on some sound recordings to 144 years

Or more accurately (by the url text) : Orrin Fucking Hatch.

No one lives to 144 years old, and certainly would have no copyright interest in anything they created (namely poop) for that long. No, this is obviously a continuation of the cancer that is Corporate Personhood.

Things in the Public Domain are not “orphaned” and up for adoption by yet another corporation looking to profit from possible copyright lawsuits. There’s so much wrong with that idea that I’m nauseous and may need to go lay down for a while.

All this corporate goatfuckery is going to destroy this country. That, and the social media turning everyone with an opinion into a terrorist, but that’s a topic for another rant.

Apple Abandons WiFi

Apple officially discontinues AirPort router line, no plans for future hardware

It’s almost like they don’t want to have customers. No mag safe power connector, no headphone jack, no SD card slots, no Ethernet ports, no HDMI ports, no replaceable battery, no external monitors, nothing actually “pro” level anymore, Cristiano Ronaldo level prices …

Please tell me Linux has caught up and I can run Photoshop and Battlefield One on the same non-Winblows platform now … please?

A More Secure Domain

Google has a new offering: Introducting .app and I’m not impressed.

“A key benefit of the .app domain is that security is built in …”

I can’t tell if they’re being disingenuous or naive here, but to offer a “secure” domain name without encrypted DNS and WHOIS privacy seems like an idea that missed the mark. A “secure” domain name system must involve security at the domain name level. What they choose to enforce at the browser level is almost completely irrelevant.

That said, the HSTS aspect is a nice touch, assuming you’re going to use the domain for something based on HTTP.