I remember watching the Denver area weather forecast on the evening news each night, and in the summer months they would track how many days of 90 degrees F or more were had over the season. They don’t do that anymore, it’s not news-worthy anymore.

I found some data to support my memory, at least a bit.

Mean number of days with 90 or more high temperature per year, by decade:

  • 1950s : 32
  • 1960s : 33
  • 1970s : 35
  • 1980s : 35
  • 1990s : 33*
  • 2000s : 46
  • 2010s : 52*

With 2019 still going, that 2010s number isn’t based on complete data, but you get the idea.


  • 1994 : first year with 60 days of 90+ temps
  • 2012 : epic year of hell on earth, with 73 days of 90+ and 13 days of 100+ temps

It’s getting hotter. I don’t like it. If anyone is hiring for remote work, and I can get good bandwidth in someplace cooler, I’ll be looking to move soon.

The Data